My name is Kevin Frost, owner/operator of Fall River Lawn & Landscape located in Benton, Arkansas. Along with my wife Christy we have grown the company to what it is today.

I did not begin my career in the lawn and landscape field. I spent 10 years working for Entergy Arkansas in a test lab where we tested safety equipment that electrical lineman used to protect themselves from being electrocuted.

Every day for 10 years I had peoples lives in my hands. In an instant my life was spun upside down when Entergy made the decision to outsource my job. I was left with trying to figure out what my next move was.

This is when I made the decision to turn my love of being outdoors into a career. For me it is more than just cutting the grass. My goal is to turn your yard into a work of art. I want your yard to compliment your home and draw attention to it.