Mulch Installation, Landscape Detailing, Shrub Trimming

Mulch Installation

Fall River Lawn and Landscape provides mulch installation for residential and commercial properties near Benton, Arkansas. Installing new mulch to your landscaping beds will increase the curb appeal of your property! It will also act as a barrier for weeds.

If your flower beds are looking outdated or dull Fall River Lawn & Landscape can help. After scheduling an appointment for your free estimate, we can discuss everything you would like to update or change.

Measurements will be taken to ensure the exact amount of mulch needed for your beds.

We will install mulch for your landscaping beds, clean up after ourselves and use only the highest quality mulch on the market.

Mulch Installation Benton, Arkansas

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Landscaping Bed Clean Up

If your landscaping beds are full of weeds that is not a problem. We can take care of cleaning them out before we install your new mulch. We will remove all weeds from the beds and haul off all debris.

After taking the time and spending the money to get your beds looking good, let us keep them that way with monthly maintenance. We will come to your house 2 times per month and make sure the weeds stay out of your beds. Inquire about an estimate for maintaining your beds. This can also be an add-on with your weekly or biweekly mowing.

Landscaping Weed Pulling Benton, Arkansas


Shrub trimming

Shrub trimming is another thing that we can do to help your landscape stand out. By properly trimming shrubs you can create curb appeal that your house did not have before.

We can take care of shrubs that need minimal trimming all the way up to shrubs that need major trimming. This will bring your landscape back to original appeal.

Shrub Trimming Benton Arkansas